Investment Strategy: A Holistic Approach to Growing Your Wealth

Active Portfolio Management

Fundamental Analysis: Building on a Strong Foundation

Fundamental analysis forms the bedrock of our investment approach. By meticulously examining valuation multiples, profitability, liquidity, and long-term solvency ratios, we identify companies with consistent free cash flow generation, indicating their potential for future growth. Our team often utilizes discounted cash flow models to project a company’s outlook over 5-10 years, allowing us to determine its true value and suitability for investment.

Technical Analysis: Capitalizing on Market Trends

In tandem with fundamental analysis, we harness the power of technical indicators to optimize short-term share prices for our clients. Utilizing moving averages and tracking long-term pricing trends, we gain insights into pricing behavior and market psychology. This understanding aids our portfolio manager in making well-timed buy or sell decisions, ensuring the best possible outcomes.

Statistical Approach: Options for Enhanced Returns

When it comes to options trading, we employ a statistical approach to assess the probability of favorable outcomes for our clients. By analyzing options pricing models, we identify opportunities with high probabilities of success. Capitalizing on put option skew, we strategically sell cash-secured out-of-the-money put options to collect theta and time premium, bolstering our clients’ returns.

Tailored Solutions: Personalized Portfolios for Your Needs

At Copper Canyon LLC, we recognize that every client is unique, with different financial goals and risk tolerances. Our investment process begins with a comprehensive consultation to understand your needs and objectives. Based on three key criteria—investment income, speculation, or conservative income strategies—we design tailored investment mandates and financial plans that align with your aspirations.

We manage various strategies to suit different financial needs, such as dividend-focused investing, high-growth opportunities, real estate, and value investing principles. Our portfolios comprise a mix of stocks, bonds, and ETFs, carefully selected to reduce overall risk and maximize potential returns.

Expert Management: Regular Analysis and Communication

Our commitment to our clients extends beyond initial portfolio creation. We diligently analyze and review client portfolios on an ongoing basis. When deemed appropriate, we make informed buy or sell decisions to align with your financial objectives. With discretionary trading authority, we can act swiftly to optimize your investment strategy without prior consultation, ensuring timely responses to market changes.

When we purchase and sell securities on behalf of clients, we trade on a discretionary basis. This means the financial advisor does not need to consult the client in advance of making a financial decision for the client’s portfolio. We may receive discretionary trading authority through a legal document called a limited power of attorney. This document permits our financial advisors to purchase or sell when we deem appropriate. We keep clients informed about their portfolios by communicating on a regular basis.

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