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Our Investment Strategy

We are different than other financial services firms by being active portfolio managers.

What we Do

We are active portfolio managers. We manage client portfolios on a daily basis.

Traditional Asset Allocation 

We analyze the clients risk tolerance and design a portfolio of individual stocks, ETFs, fixed income and individual issue bonds. We design the portfolio so that when one asset goes down in value, another goes up. This strategy uses “Modern Portfolio Theory” to reduce the overall risk of the client portfolio. We require clients have $100,000 minimum for this strategy. 

Derivative Allocation Portfolio

We design this portfolio for a client when they have an above average risk tolerance and are open to using equity options to increase returns and decrease portfolio risk. We execute a strategy similar to a Buy-Write and/or Put/Write, whereby we collect option premium for clients. We require clients have $100,000 minimum for this strategy.

Fixed Income Portfolio

We design this portfolio for clients who are retired and require investment income. We design the portfolio by purchasing Fixed Income ETFs, individual issue bonds and other income producing securities. We offer a portfolio management discount on this strategy, at the firms discretion. We require clients have $250,000 minimum for this strategy.

Why you should utilize option securities in your investment portfolio:

They produce a statisitcally based return that reduces overal portfolio risk. We use three separate options trading strategies in client portfolios:

  • Selling Covered Call Options to collect option premium against stock holdings
  • Selling Cash Secured Put Options to collect time premium and increase portfolio returns.
  • Purchase Index Put Options to protect the value of the investment portfolio

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