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We are experts that take the time to get to know you, your financial aspirations, and your risk tolerance. By understanding your unique circumstances, we design custom investment strategies that suit your needs and objectives.


At Copper Canyon LLC, transparency is of utmost importance to us. Our fee-based model ensures that our interests are aligned with yours, and you can always be confident that we are working diligently to maximize the value of your investments.

Fiduciary Duty

As a fiduciary, our primary focus is on your best interests. You can trust that our recommendations are driven solely by what is best for you, as we are legally obligated to act in a manner that prioritizes your financial well-being.

We are a Boutique Investment Firm

At Copper Canyon LLC, we understand that every individual’s financial journey is unique, and that’s why we are committed to providing tailored investment advice that aligns with your goals.

As a fiduciary fee-based registered investment advisor located in the heart of Orlando, Florida, we take pride in offering comprehensive and personalized financial solutions to help you achieve your long-term wealth objectives.

We are 100% Fiduciary

When it comes to managing your finances and investments, understanding the difference between a fiduciary investment advisor and a non-fiduciary investment professional is crucial. At Copper Canyon LLC, we proudly uphold the fiduciary standard, and we believe it sets us apart in delivering the highest level of care and service to our clients.

Fiduciary Investment Advisor:

Legal Obligation: A fiduciary investment advisor is bound by law to act in the best interests of their clients. This means that their recommendations and decisions are solely driven by what is most advantageous for you, the client. They are ethically and legally obliged to prioritize your financial well-being above all else.

Transparency: Fiduciary advisors are committed to complete transparency regarding their compensation and any potential conflicts of interest. They strive to provide a clear understanding of their fee structure, ensuring that you know exactly how they are compensated for their services.

Tailored Advice: Fiduciary advisors take a personalized approach to financial planning and investment management. They thoroughly assess your unique financial goals, risk tolerance, and current financial situation to create a customized investment strategy that aligns with your objectives.

Comprehensive Services: Fiduciary advisors typically offer comprehensive financial planning services beyond just investment management. They may help with retirement planning, tax optimization, estate planning, and more, ensuring all aspects of your financial life are considered.

Choosing a fiduciary investment advisor like Copper Canyon LLC provides you with peace of mind, knowing that your financial interests are always the top priority. Our commitment to transparency, personalized advice, and ethical practices ensures that we are always working in your best interest, helping you achieve your financial goals with confidence.

Non-Fiduciary Investment Professional:

Suitability Standard: Non-fiduciary investment professionals are held to a suitability standard. This means that they must recommend investments that are suitable for your general financial profile, but not necessarily the best possible option for your specific needs.

Potential Conflicts of Interest: Unlike fiduciary advisors, non-fiduciary professionals may have incentives to recommend certain financial products or investments that may not be the most suitable for you. These recommendations could be influenced by commissions or other compensation arrangements.

Limited Scope: Non-fiduciary professionals may focus primarily on recommending investments without factoring other financial circumstances into their recommendation. As a result, they might not take into account other critical financial aspects that could impact your overall financial health.

Less Stringent Regulation: The regulatory oversight for non-fiduciary professionals may be less stringent compared to fiduciary advisors. This can lead to varying levels of accountability and potential gaps in client protection.

Independent Custodian For Our Clients

Clients can choose their own brokerage service and we never hold client funds with our firm. We have an established relationship with Interactive Brokers and Charles Schwab where our firm maintains professional financial advisor accounts. When a new client joins our firm, the first step is to choose a brokerage service and open an account. This new account is then linked to our independent professional advisor account; whereby, our investment advisor gains access through our professional advisor account to enact our specialized management strategies in the client’s independent brokerage account.

Clients can access their investment account through the broker’s online portal, Interactive Brokers clients can access their account through the website or download the IBKR app for phone or tablet. Schwab clients can use the Schwab app or website to access their account. The app allows clients to see their funds be invested in real time. When the financial advisor enacts transactions within the client account, the client can see. Another feature of Interactive Brokers and Charles Schwab is the ability for clients to pay financial advisory fees directly from their brokerage account. The direct fee deduction feature allows for convenience and transparency.

Dylan Quintilone

Dylan Quintilone

Investment Advisor Representative & Founder

Mr. Quintilone is the firm owner and investment manager.

Beyond his role as a devoted husband and father, Dylan has a passion for staying active and maintaining a healthy balance in life. One of his favorite hobbies is golfing, and he embraces the challenge of the game while enjoying the serenity of the greens. Whether it’s a friendly round with friends or a competitive match, golfing brings Dylan a sense of fulfillment and relaxation.

In addition to golf, Dylan loves to stay in shape by running. The pursuit of setting goals and pushing himself to achieve them through running keeps him focused and motivated. Running not only keeps him physically fit but also provides a mental clarity that enhances his overall well-being.

Above all, Dylan cherishes the moments spent with his family. From fun-filled outings to quiet moments at home, every instance shared with his wife and children is a cherished memory that he holds close to his heart.

Professionally, Dylan is driven by a passion for helping others achieve their financial goals. With a background in finance and investment, he has been fortunate to assist numerous individuals and families by investing for their future.

More information about Dylan’s professional background can be found by visiting and typing CRD#6732024 into the search box.

Paul Clay

Paul Clay

Investment Advisor Representative

Mr. Clay is an Investment Advisor for Copper Canyon LLC.

Traveling is a fundamental part of Paul’s life. The thrill of exploring new destinations, embracing diverse cultures, and meeting people from all walks of life ignites a sense of wonder and adventure within him. Each journey is an opportunity to expand his horizons, gain valuable experiences, and foster meaningful connections with the world around him.

In addition to his love for travel, Paul is deeply immersed in the world of real estate investing. The dynamic nature of the real estate market intrigues him, and he takes great delight in identifying lucrative investment opportunities. Paul’s strategic approach to real estate investments enables him to contribute to the growth of vibrant communities while also creating financial prospects for himself and others.

A relentless pursuit of knowledge and personal growth defines Paul’s character. He is passionate about learning and continuously seeks new insights, ideas, and skills. Whether he’s devouring the latest books, attending educational seminars, or enrolling in online courses, Paul’s commitment to learning empowers him to stay ahead in an ever-changing world.

More information about Paul’s professional background can be found by visiting and typing CRD#7145606 into the search box.

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