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Investment Outlook

The Coronavirus and impacts on your investments

The Coronavirus and impacts on your investments

Q1 was one of the worst in market history. We mentioned the market was overlooking Virus back in January and there was elevated complacency. No one imagined the health crisis and black swan event that would follow. The world is changing and industries are experiencing...

Equity Options

Equity Options, what are they and how to use them to invest in the stock market?

How Much Do You Need To Retire?

The dollar value varies for everyone, but everyone knows they need to save so they can retire.

What is a Roth IRA?

A Roth IRA is an retirement investment account that uses after tax dollars for contributions. A Roth IRA is one of the best investment accounts you can have.

Financial Resources

Koyfin Stock Market Research

We utilize for advanced research on stocks and overall market metrics. Koyfin is a brand new research tool geared towards sophisticated investors because it provides in-depth market metrics.

Seeking Alpha Crowd Sourced Investment Ideas

Seeking Alpha is a crowd sourcing investment idea website. Contributors publish their stock market research about individual stocks and they tend to provide a unique perspective that follows an investment thesis. You can occasionally see our Investment Advisors publish their ideas at

Bloomberg News and Terminals

We occasionally use Bloomberg Terminals to conduct advanced market research. The Bloomberg Terminal is the most advanced research tool in the world, an annual subscription costs $24,000 per year. While this tool is out of reach for many, provides similar research and insights as conducted by their reporters and analysts.

Finviz is a free tool that allows investors to research both technical and fundamental metrics. We use Finviz to do market wide screens on fundamental metrics such as price/free cash flow, EV/EBITDA and other valuation metrics. Finviz also provides great technical screening metrics, even indicating which chart patterns are occurring in a specific stock.

Don’t Sell During a Market Crash

Don’t Sell During a Market Crash

Use this market action as an opportunity to dollar cost average and buy quality companies at extremely cheap valuations. Don't try to pick the bottom perfectly, it's impossible and the situation is changing daily. If you have a long term belief in the US economy and a...

Stock Market Crash 03/16/2020

Stock Market Crash 03/16/2020

Panic selling and unknowns from the Coronavirus have caused the market to dump hard. This market is barely functioning and it is causing seasoned investors to second guess all they know. There is no logic to this panic selling and the only thing that can help the...

Stock Market Crash 03/09/2020

Stock Market Crash 03/09/2020

The stock market is approaching bear market territory and individual equities are getting sold really hard. The Russell 2000 was down near 10%, I repeat near 10% in one day! Anything oil related has been destroyed by OPEC's failure to negotiate output with Russia,...

What is an Investment Advisor Fiduciary?

What is an Investment Advisor Fiduciary?

The fiduciary standard is the highest legal and ethical standard for an investment professional. It bounds the investment advisor to always guide the client in their best interest and be transparent. Every material fact or conflict of interest about an investment is...


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