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Lockheed Martin 401k Plans

If you are a Lockheed Martin Employee hired after 2007, your retirement plan is called a defined contribution plan and its record keeper is Empower Retirement. Empower Retirement is the new record keeper, taking over for Voya at the beginning of 2019. The transition to Empower was smooth and many of the retirement plan features are the same, just a different log in interface on the Empower website.

Empower 401k participants have a number of different investment options available. There are different target date funds and other theme based investment funds. One fund available to 401k participants is the self directed brokerage option; whereby, clients can open a TD Ameritrade account that has the ability to trade individual stocks, commission free ETFs, bonds and many more securities. We work with Lockheed Martin clients by guiding them through Empower’s process to open the self directed brokerage option, then once the self directed account is open, we create an investment allocation based on your objectives and time to retirement.

The first step is to determine your risk tolerance to see what type of portfolio best suits you. Then we determine your investment objectives which can be based on three criteria: investment income, speculation or conservative income strategies. After we determine which portfolio is appropriate for you, we create a tailored investment mandate; which is a specialized document that guides our management of your portfolio.

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