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John Templeton said “If you want to have a better performance than the crowd, you must do things differently from the crowd.” 

When asked about living and working in the Bahamas during his management of the Templeton Group, Templeton replied, “I’ve found my results for investment clients were far better here than when I had my office in 30 Rockefeller Plaza. When you’re in Manhattan, it’s much more difficult to go opposite the crowd.”

~ William Wellings Investment Advisor Representative

William Wellings is a market technician, he has a passion for charting unique stocks and researching obscure market indicators.

Being apart of Copper Canyon during the start up period has been an ever changing learning experience.

The unique part of my experience with Copper Canyon is Dylan and I have been involved in all different aspects of Investment Management. This experience has helped me develop different types of skills ranging from trading derivatives, developing interpersonal skills, honing my fundamental analysis; and getting me outside of my comfort zone.

I practice Technical Analysis. I believe analyzing and recognizing chart patterns allows investors to better time entry and exit points in stocks and other tradeable securities. To name a few, I track moving averages, Moving average convergence divergence and chart the pricing patterns on extremely liquid securities. After I identify companies that have upside, I compile my findings into concise research reports and collaborate with Dylan to compare the fundamental investment thesis to technical. After we discuss the pro’s and con’s, we make an investment decision for the client.

I am appreciative of the opportunity Dylan has offered me and seek to build Copper Canyon into a large Investment Advisor serving the Central Florida community