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Copper Canyon LLC
Investment Advisory

Investment Management and Advanced Portfolio Strategies

Dylan Quintilone

Dylan Quintilone

Investment Advisor Representative

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How are we different from other finance professionals?

Fiduciary ~ To serve the client interests above everything else. We are held to a higher standard called “Fiduciary”. We put client interests ahead of our own. It is the highest legal and ethical standard under US law, so you can rest assured we are always looking out for you.

We follow a fee based model meaning we never accept commission. Our interests are aligned with your interests, meaning when you make portfolio profits, we make additional profits as well. Your portfolio performance and financial success is our top priority.


Tailored Portfolio

Every single client of ours has a specialized investment portfolio to match their investment needs

Option Securities

We utilize call and put option strategies to mitigate portfolio risk and generate additional investment income.


You don’t have to worry about us selling a stock or security for additional income. We don’t accept commission.

Experts At Investments

We manage all types of investment accounts. We are experts at 401k, IRA, Roth and Self Managed Accounts

We have a constant eye on the stock market and we analyze client portfolios on a daily basis. Our strategies utilize index and equity options to manage portfolio risk and create statistical based returns.

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